Bolt Vanderhuge Samson Ryder-Jansen


Name: Bolt Vanderhuge Samson Ryder-Jansen (“Bolt” to everyone)

Age: 13

History: Bolt is the only child of superstars David Ryder and Alexandra Jansen. Their multiple Hollywood marriages over the years always seemed to start or end right as their next hit movies were coming out, but the couple genuinely seem to love each other and 13 years later, Bolt has gotten used to the hectic life. A handsome and talented young actor himself, Bolt has starred in several major tv ad campaigns, and as a result he is almost as much a target for the ever-present paparazzi as his world-famous parents are.

Appearance: Bolt has inherited his parents’ stunning movie-star looks. He’s just starting to realize that girls are something to be interested in, and they’re certainly starting to realize the same about him. His clothes are always designer label and they’re often thrown out at the slightest hint of wear if he doesn’t hide them carefully from his mother. Physically, he is fit but not muscular; he has been raised almost from birth on the healthiest diets money can buy, and keeps himself in excellent shape through park-and-rec swimming.

Personality: Living life in the media spotlight has molded much of Bolt’s childhood thus far. He is constantly aware of his appearance and demeanor towards others. This makes him naturally charming and disarming, and he has taken his natural place at the head of the social order in his hometown schools. Bolt is more than just a pretty face though – behind his deep blue eyes is a quick mind, always alert to the slightest changes in his surroundings, particularly in social situations or when he thinks the cameras might be near. Unfortunately, this life of constant pretense has started to conflict with the stirring rebelliousness of teenage life. For now, the turmoil is contained under a near-constant facade, surfacing only in private or with his closest friend Benjamin.

Bolt is comfortable with the money he’s grown up with, but he’s begun realizing that other people don’t have it. He’s starting to grow a bit of a generous streak, but usually towards people who have a direct friendship or connection to him. He also tries not to flaunt his family’s wealth too much, knowing that it can cause issues between him and his friends.

Relationships: Benjamin Francis is Bolt’s best friend in the world. They met through school swimming when they found out they were born on the same day, and despite their different upbringings (Benjamin’s parents both work in the school district) the two are nearly inseparable.

Mr. Francis, Ben’s dad, is the swim coach for Benjamin and Bolt and is the closest thing to a sane adult that Bolt has in his life. He’s always welcomed Bolt over whenever he needs to get out of the media circus for a night.

Favorite thing: There is nothing Bolt loves as much as simply floating in the pool after practice. He closes his eyes and just lets the water buoy him. Sometimes it almost feels like the water is speaking to him, caring for him, protecting him…. but it’s probably just the noise of the pool. Probably.

A bad thing he did: Last year for their birthday party, Bolt used his dad’s credit card to every one of his and Ben’s friends a new XBOX 360 and the newest Call of Duty game so they could set up a massive tournament. His dad never noticed, but it’s still something he feels guilty about.

A good thing he did: Bolt is always doing little things for the Francis family, when he can get away with them. Just last month, he noticed their refrigerator was dying, so he hired a technician and paid him top dollar to fix it up just enough to keep it running, without letting them know.

Feet: 2
P.E.: 2
Kicking: 0
Dodging: 0

Guts: 3
Wind: 2
Courage: 2
Wrestling: 0

Hands: 1
Shop: 0
Punching: 0
Blocking: 0

Brains: 4
Out-Think: 1
Remember: 0
Notice: 3

Face: 5
Charm: 4
Put-Down: 0
Connive: 1


Bolt Vanderhuge Samson Ryder-Jansen

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