Greetings all and welcome to Monsters and Other Childish Things-Rexford NY! The forums are up and ready. Take a look at Things to Consider-Making My Character thread, read through The Plot Sissors and You thread, ask questions or make comments in Child and Monster Q@A thread and introduce yourself to the world of Monsters and Other Childish Things in the What Did You Get For Christmas Prequel/Teaser in the adventure log!

Update-NPC’s for the other children of interest in your school. Ones that stand out and you have knowledge of only. You may have relationship dice with them but remember you only start with 4 relationship dice total!

Update-I’ve decided for the Campaign setting you all live in Damascus. It’s a town in Virginia just outside the gateway to M.T Rodgers which is the tallest mountian in the state. It has a nearby river and mountian range and seemed like a big enough town that it could be exciting yet not cityish. In the wiki section three are two new links about it which I will be basing things off. From here on out it becomes a fictional version of the real thing though and I’ll be altering things to make them fit into the campaign.

Update-Calander is now in use. It doesn’t record real life events though. It will be used to record in game events. I’m going to try and have the game play out day by day as it would in real life.

Update-Is anyone up for a Game this Sunday? Time would be the same 6-10. Sunday would be my prefered day to run it because Sunday into Monday is an easier day at work for me. However we could also do it on Saturday if everyone can’t make it on Sunday.

Please give feedback and I’ll set us up for another session this weekend. There is a post in the forums for this.